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    Let's Get Started!

    Let's Get Started!

    What is RugbyFit USA?

    As a child, growing up in Southern California, I was raised by my mother and father who were great innovators.  I learned at a young age to look for opportunities to improve people and businesses in many unique and different ways.  My parents went on to pioneer a handful of innovative businesses in the food service industry while I went in a different direction to pursue software in the oil and gas industry.  

    In 2011, I discovered rugby.  This was during a time my fiance Kellie, an active partner in RugbyFit USA, was in full swing playing competitive soccer.  She had been playing for over 20 years and I admired her for her fitness and competitive nature.

    My introduction to rugby was really no different than most.  I was in pretty good shape but quickly realized that this incredible sport can be very physically demanding.  Fortunately, I stuck around just long enough to realize that rugby was much more than a physical sport played by elite athletes.  I found something deeper that I had never experienced in competitive sports... respect, gratitude, honor, community, family and much more.

    I was elected Vice President of my club (SOCRFC) in 2014 and took over the responsibility of marketing, sponsors and apparel for the club.  Through that experience, I quickly discovered an opportunity to help our club, and other clubs, retain players and promote rugby through the community.  And RugbyFit was created from that vision.

    I am deeply grateful that I stayed with rugby long enough to experience the true nature of this institution.  I owe most of my thanks to my coach Cliff and my teammates Jacob and Brian who were true leaders and teachers of this amazing sport.  I also owe a debt of gratitude to Mark from SealFit, where I was introduced to CrossFit in 2009, and Rick, Barbara and Crystal from SheFit (Aliso Crossfit) where I realized that functional fitness can be successfully programmed for unique needs and sports.

    In 2015 Kellie and I achieved our L1 CrossFit Trainer certifications and later I secured my L1 USA Rugby Referee certification.  We are committed to knowledge, education and promotion of rugby in the USA.

    Kellie and I are humbled and grateful to be a part of the rugby community.  We believe that we can help grow this sport in the United States by providing clubs with the opportunity to promote through the community while giving athletes the tools and knowledge to be successful in this sport.